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If you can't achieve it, weave it;
if you can't grow it, sew it

We do weaves for all hair types.  From silky, yaky, to afro hair.  We specialize in glueless (sewn-in) weaves, because our mission is to keep your hair healthy.  Weaves can be used for clients who have hair loss.


How are they done?

  • Sewn in / Braid weave - Hair is braided at the scalp in small sections.  Then the extensions are sewn to the braid.  Any length and hair texture may be added in.

  • Interlock - Loose extensions are braded to the hair.  Any length and texture may be added.

  • Afro Weave - Hair is braided in cornrows or to the scalp.  Then afro extensions are sewn onto the braids.

  • Net Weaving - Used mainly clients with hair loss and alopecia.


What hair styles can you achieve with weaves?

           They can be cut and styled into any type of hairstyle, and can be worn straight, wavy, or curly.


Can you add length?

         Yes.  Track extensions are added in, except for in the interlock system.


Does a weave help your hair grow?



Are weaves damaging?

         No.  We educate our clients on how to maintain their weaves.  A follow up maintenance is scheduled for the client before they leave the salon.


How long does it take to apply?

         Anywhere from 1 hour to 3 hours. 


How long can they be worn?

         2 - 4 months


How long does it take to remove them?

         30 minutes to 1 hour


How much does it cost?

         This depends on the weave type, hair texture, and other services. Come in for consultation.


for Hairloss, Alopecia
& Patches

If you have hair loss, bald spots, balding (alopecia), we can weave it. Please call for consulation.

Click here to see some of our weaves for those with hair loss.


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